Lisa R

02 Jun

Lisa R

Start time: May 11, 2015 – May 11, 2015 (12:00am – 2:00am) – Book Now

“I wanted to let you know how enjoyable I have found working with you ­if that¹s possible when it comes to exercise! Also how refreshing I find your approach. I am definitely one of the 72% of the population that falls into the lapsed gym membership category and can absolutely verify that the service you provide is not only top quality but also fantastic value for money. Whilst I might not be in my peak fitness condition at the moment ­ which I will blame on pre-natal chocolate consumption and post-natal lethargy. I have worked with you in the past to improve my fitness level and get into shape and thoroughly enjoyed that time.


Your holistic approach to fitness is a breath of fresh air compared to all of the other personal trainers out there and you taught me that there were lots of other areas of my life that I needed to change to help me lose weight and to get fit.  You have a very amenable manner and a way of making your clients feel completely at ease even if they are absolutely outside their comfort zone.  Working with personal trainers is not something I have enjoyed in the past so that is a credit to you. I will definitely be signing up for more sessions with you in the future and will recommend your services to all my contacts and clients look for a fresh approach to getting fit.”


– Lisa Ruff, Balanced Rewards Specialist HR Consultants ­2014


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