Back, Shoulder & Hip Training

08 Jun

Back, Shoulder & Hip Training

Start time: May 5, 2015

Back, Shoulder & Hip Training Programmes


Pain in the back, hips and shoulders can wreak havoc on your daily life, career, family and fitness goals. Your back and spine are the core support for joints and muscles in your body. If your back or spine is not aligned correctly your hips and shoulders may experience pain as they are all connected. If you find yourself suffering with one or all of these joints aching then you need to consider changes in your posture, body mechanics and the inclusion of stretching and resistance training.


At AOK Fitness we work with you to develop the proper body mechanics of your spine as with good posture the pain in your hips and shoulders should subside. For back, shoulder and hip training we undertake a comprehensive screening assessment consisting of musculoskeletal, postural and movement analysis. This thorough assessment lasts from one to four hours and covers all aspects that are known to limit the physical self as well as interfere with successful pain management.


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