Core Conditioning & Training

08 Jun

Core Conditioning & Training

Start time: May 5, 2015

Core Conditioning Training Programmes


Core Conditioning & Training is one of the most important factors in helping you reach fitness goals and ambitions. By developing your core strength it will provide you with a strong foundation for movement and stability, both of which are vital for the health and strength of your body. As core strength is the foundation for movement at is vital that the strength of your deep abdominal muscles and spine are assessed before moving onto more functional exercises or strength conditioning.


At AOK Fitness we will assess your posture, spinal curves, core strength, movement patterns and range of motion so that we can gain a very clear and precise picture of where your weaknesses are. You will be made aware of your posture and how to improve this as well as other factors that may be affecting this such as your breathing pattern. Once we have built you a strong foundation, the next stage is to strengthen the rest of the body and integrate your new core strength into your movement patterns which will increase your fitness, strength and overall wellbeing.


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