How to stay fit while enjoying your holiday

13 Aug

Everybody knows that regular exercise is essential for a healthy and happy lifestyle. An active lifestyle and regular physical exercise not only helps in maintaining a healthy weight, it also helps improve your strength and fitness levels. The best part is, working on your fitness also provides a number of beneficial effects towards your psychological wellbeing. It reduces stress and helps you live a happier life.


While most people train hard to improve their fitness levels in order to look great for a holiday, they often find it difficult to maintain the momentum during the actual holiday period. Think about it. If you are one of those who are guilty of overindulging a bit during your holidays, it’s important that you understand how it balance it with physical activities.


I know it is tough to say “no” to those delicious treats, or whatever your holiday vice may be. Add to that, the stress of travel and juggling multiple responsibilities, it is not surprising that physical fitness and workout programs often take a backseat.


A holiday brings with it, many temptations – endless shopping, eating out and parties. Sometimes, all that makes it difficult for you to focus on the need for exercise.


Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in letting your hair down for a couple of days – as long as you do it within reason. But it becomes a problem when you spend more time outside your regular healthy routine. That makes it harder for you to get back to your fitness regime once the holiday is over.


Why do people find it difficult to stay fit during holidays?


There can be a number of valid reasons why you are temporarily forced to break your healthy habits. Travel, and the associated jet lag, parties, the temptation to try out different types dishes and other treats, and all the responsibilities associated with holidays make it very easy for you to fall off the wagon.


Add to that the overall relaxed atmosphere and the feeling that you are entitled to a little indulgence – especially after your stressful year, fitness often seems the least important thing to focus on.


Why it is important of focus on fitness during the festive season


It has been well established that people have a tendency to overindulge during their holidays. This often leads to substantial weight gain during this period. This shows why you need to be aware of what and how much you are eating during the holidays. It also highlights why it is important to train and stick to a fitness routine during this period.


How to stay fit during holidays


Take the Stairs: Use the stairs as much as possible. Even when you are in your hotel, as much as possible climb the stairs or walk and avoid the elevators. This will help you burn a lot of calories quickly.


Walk as much as possible:  Whenever you can, do your sightseeing on foot. This will not only help make the experience more personal and enjoyable, it will also help you keep fit. Remember, there is no better way to soak in new cultures and environments than on foot. It will enrich you both physically and mentally.


Go back to your childhood: If you have your children with you, spend time playing outside with your kids. It’s great not only for spending some quality time with your kids, but as a calorie burning session too. Whether it’s playing in the pool, bike riding, trekking or just long walks on the sea shores, rediscover your childhood. You’ll soon discover a new rejuvenated you!


Look for opportunities to add movement to your day: Whether it is a long seaside walk in a park, there are often a number of opportunities for you to incorporate physical activities into your holiday schedule. Your hotel concierge should be able to tell you about crime- free routes. Get a walking map and get out there to discover more about the new place. You can also use airport terminals into great walking tracks. Just plug into your favorite music and get moving. 15 minutes of brisk walking, can help you burn around 100 calories.


Choose the right hotel for your stay: One important point while choosing your hotel is to pick ones that have gyms or fitness centers. This will give you the opportunity to work out regularly and maintain your fitness. Hitting the gym everyday will also motivate you to eat healthy during the rest of the day.


Be adventurous: One of the best ways to stay fit while having lots of fun is to take part in adventurous activities. You could hike up a mountain or take a scuba or snorkeling class. Paddle down (or up a river in a canoe or go surfing. Remember, any activity that gets you to move elevates your heart rate can help you burn calories and stay fit. The best thing is, you are having fun while doing it.


Maintenance is the key: While on a holiday, you may not get the time to stick to your regular workout routines. But don’t let that demotivate you. Do the best you can. Target maintaining your fitness so that you will find it easier to get back to your regular fitness regimen when you are back. Remember, travel should broaden you mentally and not physically!


Holidays are meant to be a time for fun, excitement, adventure and experiencing new things in life. Indulging yourself (within reason), while dedicating a little time towards maintaining your fitness will help you get make the most out of your holiday experience and help you stay fit and healthy.


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